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    Treating patients with domestic, work related, and sports injuries
    for over two decades.

First Visit Experience

Be very excited, this is the experience that will bring you closer to good health. You will be greeted by a friendly, courteous staff that will take your important medical information and will guide you through our office. Your doctor will speak with you about your specific complaint and will take thorough notes on your medical history. Please bring any pertinent information such as MRI reports or X-rays. A thorough examination will be performed to help diagnose your condition. X-rays may be taken to help rule out aggravating factors. When needed, other diagnostic tests may be ordered.

Once your doctor has reviewed the radiographs and their exam findings, you will be given a full report of what can be done to ensure the improvement of your condition.

If your chiropractor feels chiropractic will help you, then a treatment plan will be given. Treatment will be given in an individualized manner and will be tailored to your specific needs. This will consist of specific chiropractic adjusting to get you moving pain-free again. Complimenting your adjustment, any number of physiotherapeutic modalities, massage techniques, or home care recommendations may be given.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your newborn is a complete spinal examination by a doctor of chiropractic. Chiropractors feel strongly that the entire family can benefit by having spinal checkups. The children who have been under regular chiropractic care are sick less often and less severely. They rarely miss days from school. Recent studies have also shown that they have fewer emotional and learning disabilities and other neurological problems connected with childhood. In 1989, a study compared the patients of two hundred pediatricians with two hundred children who had been under the care of chiropractors. Not only was the overall health of the chiropractic children superior to those who had known only medical treatment but they also had fewer ear infections, fewer allergies, lower incidence of tonsillitis and less need to be given antibiotic therapy.

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Chiropractic care is the safest way to treat your pain.